Adding accounts

Adding accounts can be done through the stalker slash command.

To access the Add Account dialog use the command: /stalker add

This command will trigger the dialog box where you will identify the platform and account to track.

After submitting the dialog a notice will be posted to your channel if stalker is not a member.

Stalker will need to be invited to the channel in order to have premissions to post.

You can invite stalker by simply mentioning its username in the channel: @stalker

Changing Bot Name

In some cases you will want to change the bot name to be more inline with its purpose for your workspace.

This is possible through the Slack plugin settings page.

Clicking the edit icon to the right will open the input for the name change and the save button to confirm your changes.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions not covered by the F.A.Q. please reach out to support for assistance: