Stalker has a goal of respecting user information. Only provided data and permissions necessary for the functionality of the application are accessed via the Slack API. Stalker retains no personal information or Slack messages that do not interact with Stalker directly. Data will not be made available to outside parties.

The data neccessary for app functionality is sent securly from the slack API to AWS cloud services. Data stored includes: Team Name, Team ID, Bot Access Token, Premission scopes, and Stripe Subscription ID. Accounts added through stalker will having the following information stored: User ID, User Name, Targeted Social Account, Targeted Social Platform, Channel ID, Channel Name.

All payment processing is handled through Stripe, their privacy policy is available here.

All hosting and services are provided through AWS, their policy is available here .

By using this application you accept this privacy policy. Any questions regarding this policy may be sent to